Coaching for Governance

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In boardrooms around the World, members have been busy navigating the global pandemic and the multiple consequences for their organisations. Emerging from the background are the professionals who enable those boards to govern effectively. Inspirational stories are told about the contributions they have made and awards ceremonies have recognised their efforts.

Expert at planning, organising and problem solving, governance professionals are increasingly recognised for their ability to provide individual and collective support to board members. As technical experts, support is based on signposting and sharing knowledge. As enablers of governance, the ability to create and sustain trusted business relationships involves developing an ability to coach board members. From on-boarding new members to facilitating smooth succession planning and implementation, the calm, purposeful and independent presence of governance professionals is appreciated by wise board members.

Governance professionals are in a unique and privileged position to observe board dynamics and track the impact of board decisions and behaviour. Learning how to use those insights effectively is a universal development priority. Governance professionals provide value by enabling each board members to understand the impact which their own beliefs, strategic decision-making and behaviour have on the organisations they lead.

Coaching at board level enables good governance by recognising the regulatory environment, the multiple roles which individuals are required to balance and the complex dynamics involved at that level.  The potential impact that changes to decision making and behaviour can have on the whole organisation system is significant. The principles and approaches that define good governance vary globally from the rules to the principles based and the locus of power varies across unitary and two-tier boards with all the attendant complexities this brings to strategic decision making. It is therefore safe to assume that the approach which has been successfully adopted in one situation by one individual cannot be automatically translated to another.

Experienced coaches provide support by enabling individuals to explore the situations they face, the strategic context in which they intend achieving their objectives and the range of stakeholders they expect to engage. Board members refer to the value delivered by coaches, providing a highly personalised sounding board as they plan, act and reflect on their impact and results

The Chartered Governance Institute highlights the way in which excellent governance professionals coach their boards. They act as patient, objective and wise counsellors, use their insights to anticipate issues, exert subtle influence and ensure robust discussion and strategic decision making.

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